Win a $30 Amazon Gift Card via the Teaching Resources via their page on Facebook

When the Teaching Resources Facebook fan page reaches 30,000, two people will win a $30 gift card to The fan page has already reached 29,916 “fans” as of this posting. When Teaching Resources reaches its goal of 30,000, they will post a question. The person who responds to the question with the correct answer will win a gift card along with the person who referred them to the website.

Here is the full post from their page:

Who wants to win a $30 gift card? Let’s celebrate when we reach 30,000 people who “like” Teaching Resources on Facebook! When that happens, I’ll post a question and give exactly one hour for people to respond. Two people will win a $30 gift card each – one respondent and the person who referred him or her to my website! Spread the word and invite your friends to sign up and watch for the question!

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Parenting FAQs for 07/19/2010

Here is this week’s list of parenting questions fromĀ Mamapedia:

Click on the links to respond to these questions, or post questions of your own on the wall.

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The Merits of Making a student “College Ready”

How important is it for students to go on to college after graduating high school? This article calls the idea that college is a “path to prosperity” a myth, and cites several statistics which seem to show that college is not a sure thing.

The article goes on to argue that the focus should be on making students “life ready” instead:

So what should it be? Life ready! We should be focusing on helping every child develop a life plan. Not college plan, not a career plan, a life plan. So you want some evidence? Look at this.

I was raised with the notion that I should go to college, and successfully earned a degree in Journalism from Central Michigan University. Did my college degree lead me into a publishing career? No, not exactly. My first job right after college was with an internet service provider where I spent two years designing websites for clients. Other than the 1-credit class on using Frontpage to create websites that I took during a summer session at CMU, I was self-taught when it came to designing websites.

It was back in 2002 when I mentioned to my manager at the time how little my college degree seemed to matter, and she replied that it really didn’t matter that much at all. In that stage of my career–I was working my third job in web design–it was my practical, on-the-job experience which mattered the most.

But, my understanding of how the world works, and how things worked for me, was that a person can’t achieve their dreams without a college degree. Most of the jobs that I’ve worked have required a college degree of one form or another, so I’m fairly certain that there wouldn’t have been as many doors opened to me if I hadn’t spent the four years at CMU.

I’ve also observed that the decision a person makes about the degree they choose is just as important as the decisions to attend college in the first place. When I was a sophomore in college, I decided to switch from Computer Science as a minor to Sociology mostly because I was having a tough time learning the computer languages that they were teaching in the classes. If I had known that the Internet would take off as much as it did, and that I would being dealing with computer languages such as HTML, javascript, and others, I probably would have stuck to my original plans. Instead, I took the path that seemed easier, because at that point I was driven more by the goal of completing college than securing a brighter future for myself.

Was I life ready when I left college? I don’t believe so. But, I don’t know if anything could have prepared me for what life had in store those first few years after graduating from CMU: marriage, fatherhood, job loss, and unemployment.

What is your view of the “Life Ready” vs. “College Ready” debate? Should one take precedence over the other, or should they be considered equally important? Were you Life Ready when you left college?

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What is everything a student should do to get into college?

In this posting on Yahoo Answers, a high school students lists everything that they’ve done so far to prepare for college, and then asks what else they could be doing. Take a look at their post, and then add your advice either on the wall or Yahoo Answers.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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